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In this issue of the
Georgia Political Underground


Flaggers get 50,000 more
weapons of mass POLITICAL destruction"  WM"P"D's (photos of course)

More Famous last words (our list grows longer)

Fair Warning! (in January 2003 fair warning was given. This deserves a re-visit)



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Note: the opinion of the Editor of the Georgia Political Underground, is just that, MY opinion alone, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion any of the supporters of the 1956 Georgia state flag, or any Heritage organizations, or any other individual. Its just that, my opinion, nothing more.


The flaggers debut their next generation of "Weapons of Mass Political Destruction" (see photo, click image for full sized picture)

Punt Perdue

In this attached photo we see box after box after box full of PUNT PERDUE stickers that the flaggers state will soon start to proliferate across the entire state, from the back of road signs, to the big metal boxes you see at major street intersections, and of course on the back of vehicles. I think the below photo's will better explain it.

Punt Perdue


Punt Perdue

Editors Note: Interesting thing when you think about it, PUNT PERDUE is a long term strategy. It doesn't appear the Flaggers intend to "lay-down" anytime soon based on this. We are told that they have 50,000 stickers on hand and from this photo, who is to doubt that? Furthermore they state they are expecting 50,000 more SONNY LIED signs in the next few days, of which we have been promised pictures. We are also told that many signs are coming with about a dozen other politician names on them as well. Could one be YOU? It would appear the publicly stated plans of erecting a 1/4 of a million signs is accurate if those next 50,000 materialize in the next few days. Who is to doubt them? So far they have done everything they claimed with the exception of the SONNY LIED billboards. When I questioned my inside source in regards to that he indicated they had run into some local ordinance issues being that it wasn't a "commercial" sign, and are sourcing a different location for their first sign, but that we can certainly expect some photos of SONNY LIED billboards in the very near future.

The PUNT PERDUE stickers will not be as easily to vandalize and tear down like what is currently happening to many of the SONNY LIED signs. When I last spoke to a flagger about that he indicated to me that someone was using a razor knife on a pole to reach up and cut their signs. He also indicated they have a measured response coming to the vandalizing of their signs.

CAUTION: Folks, on both sides of this issue of tearing down signs, please be careful not to let this escalate to high. I believe that the flaggers putting certain signs under 24 hour surveillance in order to catch the perpetrators in the act of tearing them down is going to serious lengths. I also cannot publish what else was told me that they intend to do to protect their signs.

More Famous last words (our list grows longer)

The people of Georgia should be able to choose their politicians rather than have the politicians choose their people.   Sonny Perdue February 10th 2004
(Gee Sonny do you REALLY feel that way? How about then letting the people of Georgia chose their flag instead of the politicians choosing their flag? One can smell you hypocrisy coming right thru my PC's monitor)
They're a legend in their own minds in terms of the political capital they have, Rep. Glenn Richardson January 12th 2004
Im NOT afraid of the protesters, it will all fade  Sonny Perdue May 2003
It will be all over in 3 months   Roy Barnes February 2001
Fair Warning! (in January 2003 fair warning was given. This deserves a re-visit)
Below is a letter that was delivered to all the republican senators and representatives last January 2003 and hand delivered to the capitol Post Office. It would appear the Flaggers are now carrying out this promise. Read for yourself and decide.
This is the promise that was mailed out, after consulting with other activists, to the newly elected Perdue. Many of you have been active in carrying out this promise. 

Governor Perdue,
From Heritage, Flag, and Perdue Supporting ACTIVISTS

We would be proud to see to it that you become a two term Governor. Every erroneous indication we have received suggests that our flag is not a priority and that both Barnes and Murphy are wrong in saying that their flag theft cost them their re-election.

Surely you can visualize what happens to Governors who sell out their heritage and their constituents, ala Beasley, S.C., Hodges, S.C., Siegleman, AL and Barnes, GA. What Barnes received would only be considered a spanking compared to what you would receive over four years. (Editors note: Perdue has now been flagged 60+ times, and 1000's upon 1000's of SONNY LIED signs and now PUNT PERDUE stickers are going up) Please respect us and please realize that we work consistently in the rain, during days and nights of every week. ACTIVISTS from all sections of Georgia were working for you in the rain at the last stock car race in Hampton passing out flyers and putting up signs.  We got wet placing leaflets at the West Georgia football games. We placed over 100,000 leaflets, and over 3,000 Boot Barnes signs.  These efforts can be redirected.  (Editors note: Never have more truer words been spoken) Remember your promise to let the People decide about our '56 flag.

Barnes knows about:

1250+ Project Wave flag poles installed flying the '56 GA flag.
'56 Georgia flags, tags we sold everywhere
the shirt and envelope stickers by the gross
 the 50,000 bumper stickers were everywhere,
the flyers we distributed by the tens of thousands,
the cash donations we contributed.
the Roy Barnes One Term Governor T-shirts,
the flag wavings on the Interstate overpasses.,
the "everywhere" flaggin protests against Barnes and his gang,
the newspaper ads we bought,
the radio ads we bought,
the funds we gave to you, direct.
the letters to the editors we wrote,
the word of mouth to our friends and acquaintances,
the festivals passing out your brochures.
the king rat movies we copied at home and distributed for you.
the signs we installed for you in most counties in Georgia.
the parades
the yard signs,
the bill boards,
our 100,000 signed flag petitions,
and our numbers (real Southerners)

We hope you choose your friends who worked for your election rather than the naacp, their press, the ncaa, the chambers of commerce (who did not support you), and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee members who have never supported you. (Editors note: Turns out that's exactly who Perdue chose)

You really should think about this.    If you  fail to follow through on your campaign promises, the Perdue's won't be the only ones living at the Governor's mansion.  What Roy did in ten days, you can repeal in ten days, and everyone knows this to be a fact.  Today you have peaceful political meetings and social events, and this will continue if you correct the treachery of the Barnes flag change.  (Editors note: We can see they have not backed off this promise. Just ask Sonny Perdue, Phil Gingrey, Chuck Clay, Tom Price, Sharon Cooper, Ginger Collins, Eric Johnson and many many more including democrats about the peacefulness of their political and social events). We are not asking to be insiders, but we Georgians must have respect and the Barnes's treacherous stealing of our '56 flag must be corrected.  

Don't be fooled by thinking that Charles Lunsford and Rusty Henderson speak for any ACTIVISTS just because they follow you around and search for the spotlight and the press. They don't speak for the SCV, the LOS, the CCC, the S.P.of GA, our Project Wave, us ACTIVISTS throughout Georgia, or the citizens of Georgia.

Our statements should NOT be construed as a Threat, or as a Promise, But simply as a statement to the facts, of what's gonna happen! We'll sign off simply as GEORGIA ACTIVISTS.

The Project Wave campaign, thanks to you and hundreds of others, has helped to remove or defeat the following heritage enemies and has made the difference in this2002 Georgia election:

Gov. King Roy Barnes   Mableton
Speaker Tom Murphy   Bremen
Rep. Bob Snelling         Douglasville
Rep. Tracy Stallings            Carrollton
U. S. Rep. wanna be Roger Kahn Cartersville
Sen. Richard Marable         Rome
Rep.  Terry Johnson          Austell
Rep.  Robert Irvin   (Buckhead Bob)  Atlanta
U. S. Sen. Max Cleland     State Wide
Sen. Van Streat  Nicholls
Rep. Newt Hudson   Rochelle
Dropped out rather than face the electorate
Rep. Charlie Smith (campaign of King Roy) St. Marys
Rep. Roger Byrd (cushy job in Atlanta firm)  Hazlehurst
And many others were defeated in other Project Wave Counties
Flaggers Public Schedule (subject to change, and may very well)
2004 Governor's Dinner on Friday, February 27th. The dinner will be held at the Atlanta Country Club at 6:30 and features keynote speaker Governor Sonny Perdue.
brought to you as a public service, thru the power of the internet, from your friends at the Georgia Political Underground



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