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SHPAC Newsletter January, 2004

"A Statesman is an easy man,
He tells his lies by rote;
A journalist makes up his lies
And takes you by the throat;
So stay at home, and drink your beer
And let the neighbours' vote"

 - W. B. Yeats, "The Old Stone Cross"

We can certainly understand Yeats' disgust with the media and the politicos.  After all, we were asked to participate and urged to support candidates who pledged their support for letting Georgians vote.  Isn't that the American way?  Isn't that why we deploy troops all over the planet to permit those folks who live under tyrannical systems to be able to vote?
But the "sacred honour" of the elected officials was selling at a discount over the past few years.  Or more correctly, we could say that their "word" was only for rent.  After the election, they seemed to think the lease on their promises had expired and they immediately went up for bid again.  Yes, they wanted our vote for them but ...
No wonder voter interest shows a declining trend.
But the media mouthpieces and the politicos have been disappointed.  The people, expected to understand they had been used, should have just disappeared.  They should have followed Yeats' advice, shrugged and gone home.  The lesson should have been learned that politics is for the professionals.  The voters are merely props.
I regret to say that we are slow learners.  We still believe that our representatives should hold to their promises. Those that betray that trust need to be removed.  And we intend to do all we can to teach that lesson to our would-be masters.
Here's what's happened in the Month of January:
"No man's life, liberty or property are safe when the Georgia General Assembly is in session."
Batten down the hatches - they're back!
But, so was the Southern Heritage Political Action Committee (SHPAC).  We held a press conference on the first day of the session in the Capitol rotunda that was exceedingly well covered by the press.  It seems that Governor Perdue decided to hold a press conference just before ours and the journalists simply wandered across the hall to our affair.  Spokesman William Lathem officially unveiled "The Deck of Shame" and answered questions deftly and accurately.  Members of the Board who were interviewed kept it short and sweet and on the point.  That night the news coverage was objective and fair.
SHPAC's official position on the phoney flag referendum was announced: We are against any vote that does not offer the 1956 Veteran's Memorial Flag with the Confederate Battle emblem as a choice.  We will not be forced to choose between two politicians' flags.
Glimpsed skulking over the press conference from the second floor balcony was dour-faced Tyrone Brooks.  Other members of the legislature drifted over to the display of the Deck of Shame to see if their card was present.  You will be happy to know that several left smiling like a mule eating briars. 

The press coverage and photographs are available elsewhere on the website.  We experienced an upswing in donations and interest in the cards.  If you have a deck, please show your friends!  If you don't, why not?  Can't tell the scalawags without a deck!

We are assembling information to designate the scalawag targets for the coming election cycle.  If you wish to nominate any particular targets, let us know.  We are also interested in making contact with viable candidates who will support our heritage - particularly those who are running against liars and scalawags.  Information from across the state is needed in order to pick the best targets and apply our money as best we can to make a difference.
We expect to unveil the first target or targets in February.
Additionally, we have continued to place some advertising in local news outlets around Georgia.  Some examples are shown on the web page.
January also saw some targeted mailings go out to small, selected mailing lists.  We plan to try to reach and inform voters both by the news media and by more direct methods.  If the focused mailings work, we will expand this contact.
A letter from the PAC went to each member of the legislature asking them to consider what their own electorate actually thinks about the people's chance to have a say in our state flag.  The Mason-Dixon poll of December shows that 50% of all Georgians favor the inclusion of the 1956 Veteran's Memorial Flag on the ballot.  As you can imagine, once you get out of metro Atlanta the support goes through the roof.  The phony poll touted by the press that the 1956 flag would only get about 12% was so clearly preposterous that it shows how desperate our foes are.  "Figures don't lie, but Liars can figure."  If those who hate the South believed their own propaganda, there would be no problem getting a vote.  But they just don't trust the people of Georgia to agree with their own enlightened opinion.
We were also flattered to get some e-mail from members of the legislature who checked out our website and offered suggestions and corrections.  Anyone seeing any errors will earn our gratitude by bringing it to our attention.
Ask your elected representative what his or her position is on the Fair Flag Vote. This needs to get moving so it can be part of the ballot come the presidential primary election.
The foes of Southern Heritage are hoping you will go home and let your neighbors (i. e., the press and politicians) do all your voting.  Are you going to put up with that? 
If not, join with us now.  This is the critical time.  If they are successful in putting the lid on the people now, we will lose momentum.  Ignore the politicians' phony flag ballot in March.  Donate to support our campaign to restore our beloved flag!
This is really the case of "If you snooze, you lose."  Our enemies pray you will be discouraged and surrender to their demands.  Will you?




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