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SHPAC Newsletter December, 2003

 We stand on the cusp of the political battle for 2004.  One year from now, we will know whether the Heritage of Honour left by our ancestors still resonates in Georgia today.  The question as to whether or not the voters of Georgia are content to see their monuments, markers, symbols and, yes, the State Flag of Georgia degraded or destroyed will be answered at the polls in 2004.

 The Southern Heritage Political Action Committee (SHPAC) is a grass-roots effort to ensure that the heritage given to us will be passed down to our descendants unsullied.

 We are frankly amateurs in this fight.  We will be opposed by the Chamber of Commerce, the professional minority whiners, hard-core leftist agitators and those spineless politicians who miscalculated the cost of selling our heritage for their advancement.

 What is to be done?

We are collecting cash to use in this fight.  Political fights boil down to money.  Money will be the muscle of this coming clash.  We will use what money we can gather to buy leaflets, bumper stickers, advertisements (radio, print and maybe even television) against selected, vulnerable targets.

But we need more than just money.  Muscle is useless without bone.  The backbone of this fight will be the volunteers.  We will need people to help bring the message to the voters as well.  And we will need local people to help identify turncoat politicians who may be vulnerable.  They need not be vulnerable merely on the Flag issue or some other heritage issue.  If we can oust an enemy on some other issue, we will do it if it will seat a friend or at least a neutral.

So we will need brains as well - local intelligence on who is endangered (and why) and what challengers are willing to take on these scallawags.  If you know of any potentially friendly candidates who are challenging anyone on the “Deck of Shame,” let us know.

Tell your friends and neighbors about the website www.southernheritagepac.org. Spread the word!

We need information about local television and radio stations.  Who are their news contacts?  What are their advertising rates?  If we identify a scalawag who is vulnerable we will want to use local contacts to organize leaflet strikes, local advertising and support for the challenger.

Will you help us?  We need your money, your mind, your body to help stand against the organized pressure of the enemy.  If we lose this election, the pundits and politicos will loudly bray that Southern Heritage is dead.

 As the reformers working against the corrupt Tweed ring were fond of asking “What are you going to do about it?”


The Deck of Shame cards are finally in and they look great!  Just like the American forces in Iraq used their deck against Saddam and his henchmen, we want to retire each and every scallawag pictured on the deck.  It’s a real rogue’s gallery!  Pass decks around among your friends and family and you will help us make a new political Georgia!

 Our Press Conference will be held on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol in January.  We will be officially introducing the “Deck of Shame” to the public.  All supporters are welcome to attend.  You will get a chance to met other activists and begin building the grassroots network that we hope will topple the enemies of our history and heritage.  Be an active part of this movement!


Sometimes things get forgotten.  But not in the Land of Cotton.  We want to return scallawag - a fine old word -  to the political discourse.  Here’s the definition from the Oxford English Dictionary:

 scallywag, scallawag slang or colloq. (Orig. U.S.)

1.  A disreputable fellow; a good-for-nothing; a scapegrace, blackguard; in Trade Union slang, a man who will not work. ...

2.  An imposter or intriguer, esp. in politics; in U.S. Hist., a native white of the southern states who was willing to accept the reconstructionary measures. ...

3.  U.S. A name for undersized or ill-conditioned cattle. Perhaps the original use of the word.


Hence scally’waggery, (a) roguery, (b) political opportunism...

Sounds like a goodly number of our politicians doesn’t it?

During the Reconstruction period, some Southerners thought that “go along, get along” politics with the brazen corrupt Radical Reconstructionists was good politics and good business.  And it was - for a time. 

Similarly today we are told by persons of equal moral character that the easy, best way is to go along and get along.  Even elected officials who ran for office promising the people a choice on the flag now hum a new tune.  These are the 21st Century Scallawags.  They deserve to sink into the oblivion that has claimed their intellectual and moral ancestors.

Can history repeat itself?  With enough citizens’ help, it certainly can.


Winner of the Week!  The Deck of Shame was mentioned by Bill Shipp on his television program as the “Winner of the Week” December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day.  He complimented the professional appearance of the deck.

It was very appropriate that Shipp announced this on Pearl Harbor Day considered the sneak attack uncorked by the last occupant of the Executive Mansion in his removal of the Veterans’s Flag back in 2001.  However, just Yamamoto discovered, sneak attacks often have a way of arousing the righteous anger of the American people.  Today, Roy Barnes is strolling around Marietta instead of running for President.  Can this be a lesson to any other incumbents?

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Your donations and support are needed to continue the fight against those politicians who would eradicate our symbols, culture, and heritage.

P.O. Box 725308
Atlanta, GA 31139
1-888-329-7397 or 1-706-374-4744

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© Southern Heritage Political Action Committee, 2003, 2004
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