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Flaggers WELCOME House Majority Leader Tom Delay to Dixie!


Editors note: The flaggers would like to thank a member of the Gwinnett County Republican party who tipped them off to this private event fundraiser.
"there will be NO political peace in the foreseeable future"  Kenneth Waters speaking on behalf of the flaggers at the March 3 Southern Heritage PAC news conference at the state capitol.
The event was a fundraiser for John Linder @ the private residence of David and Kim Hanna located at 4730 Harris Trail in Atlanta Georgia. Also attending was US House Majority leader Tom Delay, Saxby (taking a step backwards) Chambliss and the poor pelvic doctor Phil Gingrey. There was some other local state reps and senators seen entering and leaving as well.
And YES, Chicken Perdue did show up, we have photographic evidence of it. See below. It was my understanding that the Chicken offered to valet park Tom Delay's car, but Delay shook his head no and refused to roll his window down and converse with the us. You can see Perdue's Black SUV in the background after he exited and can be seen walking inside.

   Perdue Flagged

Below is a compilation of after action reports emailed to us here at the Georgia Political Underground:
The liars and brown nosers were beaten up pretty bad at Friday night's fund raiser, as the event really turned sour for the GOP. They forced the $1000.00 a plate fans of the stupid party to eat Crowe casserole for about 2 hours,and not only that, they got called every kind of name you can imagine. Chambliss took a lot of licks, more so than Tom Delay, but the real battle was against Perdue. He took a hell of a beaten. The flaggers didn't let up when Tim Pilgrim couldn't speak over the bull horn anymore, somebody else took over and as it got darker the flaggers grew in strength. I really don't know how many were there, (about 40), but it was a real battle and the GOP started retreating early. Great responses from the driver -by's too every one just about gave us a thumbs up. Carpetbagger Bush took a few licks too as the Chants of BUSH BOOT OUT could be heard for several blocks I'm sure. I'm real sure the GOP is getting pretty nervous in Washington knowing that they may have to depend on the gay vote now they lost the Bubba vote. Dr.Phil Gingrey took a beaten as well and he was told that he needed to start doing pelvic examinations again and anal too.
Editors Note: Gingrey arrived late and hard to park way down the street and really caught hell as he had to walk right by the flaggers. Dr Gingrey was asked.... Do you realize we all voted for you and worked hard for you and poor Dr Phil had no response but just a dumb look on his face. See photo.
Question? Why did Dr. Gingrey walk across the street? Answer: So he could lie on the other side!
Note: The following photo was made in the pitch black dark so it was "digitally enhanced" but I think you get the picture.

  Perdue Flagged

This was probably one of the most fun flaggings we have ever had. We caught Liar Perdue going in and really good going out, to the point his suburban almost wrecked leaving. Editors note: (No kidding, he almost crashed into the back of a flaggers pick up truck parked on the opposite side of the street, now that would have been funny) Tom Delay knew he was in DIXIE  as chants of WELCOME to DIXIE Tom Delay could be heard over and over and Saxby was certainly reminded that he that "was a step backwards for Georgia" not the Saint Andrews Cross. Ole Gingery was hammered for several minutes face to face because he had to walk up the street.
Gingrey had made a campaign promise that he would fly the 56 Flag at his Washington office, then called a news conference after he was elected to state that he was not going to do it . He had approached us at another event and said he just "Changed his Mind". So, we asked him many times last night, what's the difference of "Changing your mind and Lying? If the fool had just not call the big press conference to insult us, no one would of known he didn't fly our Flag. But this dummy calls a press conference to rub it in our faces. STUPID STUPID STUPID!
Pretty good evidence of why they are called the stupid party.
Editors note: I WANT TO MAKE THIS PLAIN AND CLEAR! I am a REPUBLICAN and was a republican long before Sonny Perdue and Dan Lee and others found it to be COOL! But I will NOT stand aside and let these warmed over democrats that now call themselves republicans get away with lying to me, and neither will others. We are NOT sheepel!
The rest of you that call yourselves republicans can follow these warmed over democrats to defeat in 06. That's your right and privilege to be a sheep if you want. But I will not stand idly aside and watch these liars take the GOP down to destruction without letting them know is responsible for it.
One of the most interesting moments of the night was when this drunk and very inebriated man who introduced himself as Jim Miller came down from the house to talk to the flaggers. This guy smelled like a brewery so there must have been some heavy duty drinking going on inside the Hanna residence. (and were suppose to be Bubba?) Mr. Miller comes down and says "Perdue only stayed a few minutes. He was terribly embarrassed by what you all were doing and hoped that by him leaving you all would" Didn't happen. Mr. Miller went on to say that the entire party was ruined by the booming of the bullhorns that not only could be heard inside loud and clear but out on the back porch as well.
Another funny moment was when 2 different neighbors from across the street came out with cameras to photograph the event. I guess they don't see too many bubba carrying rebel flag wavers in this multi million dollar district of Buckhead.
The response from the cars passing by was a hoot. Everyone was with us and giving thumbs up.
NOTE: We would be flagging EVERYONE of these events if we knew about them, but the GOP has to do everything possible now to keep them secret. How the mighty have fallen in they now have to sneak around to avoid their former hardest workers.
Most of the flaggers arrived after dark, so this picture really doesn't do justice to the actual scene that took place.

  Perdue Flagged

One hand washes another:
Robert Moultrie,  Millionaire playboy and socialite and founder of the Facilities Group got his "pay-off" for holding a series of fundraisers for Sonny Perdue at his Smyrna home. Yep, one hand washes another. On Friday it was announced, well, read it for yourself.




Governor Perdue Announces Appointments to State Boards and Commissions

 ATLANTA, GA - Governor Sonny Perdue announced today the following appointment to State Boards and Commissions:

Board of Industry, Trade and Tourism

Robert Moultrie, 62, Smyrna, GA, At Large - Moultrie is Chairman and CEO of The Facility Group, (and regular holder of fundraisers for Perdue and other GOP candidates at Moultrie's Smyrna home) a professional services organization.  He has over 35 years experience in the design/construct industry, including an eleven year tenure with the Carlson Corporation.  Moultrie served as Chair of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce and currently serves on the Facilities Advisory Committee of the Board of Regents, the Southern Polytechnic State University Foundation, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and the Georgian Club.  He was recognized as the southeast region's "Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2003 by the Construction/Real Estate industry and the Georgia Institute of Technology Alexander Tharpe Member of the Year.  Moultrie received his undergraduate degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He and his wife, Cheryl, have two children.

Well there you have it. One hand washing the other and I bet you thought we made all this stuff up!

Flaggers Public Schedule

Tuesday March 23rd, Governors Mansion from 6:00PM till dark. Come embarrass Sonny Perdue at the Peabody awards dinner!

Date & Time Unknown   Columnist Bill Shipp gets flagged in front of his private residence. Date and time will NOT be announced in advance. It will just happen. We will have coverage of it. Should have quit will you was ahead Bill, but you didn't, and now you will get flagged at home.

Thursday April 1st.  Flaggers plan both a rally and parade to start at Turner field and will end at the state capitol. Permission to park and stage at Turner field has been approved as well as the parade permit to the capitol.



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