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Wednesday March 3, 2004  - Southern Heritage PAC Press Conference

On March 2, there was a Presidential Primary in Georgia. Despite massive mailings and telephone banks paid for by the Chamber, it was the second lowest turnout in 20 years. Less than 7% of the people in Georgia voted, less than 20% of the registered voters voted. The only winner in the flag referendum portion was the Chamber and their political cronies.

The majority of Georgians found nothing in this referendum of interest.

On the morning of March 3, the Southern Heritage PAC held a Press Conference on the steps of the Capitol, which included the spokesmen of Southern Heritage organization from across Georgia. Now that the Chamber has had their vote, it is time to let the majority of Georgians have theirs.

SHPAC spokesman William Lathem began the program with introductory remarks and closed the program with a summary which is presented at the end, after the other speakers' remarks. It should be noted that the enthusiastic crowd interrupted the speakers with frequent applause and cheering

Opening statement by William Lathem:

I want to thank everyone for taking time to attend our news conference today. I am William Lathem, spokesman for the Southern Heritage Political Action Committee.

This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

As it was when Winston Churchill spoke those words following the Battle of Britain, so it is today in Georgia.

The results of yesterday’s so-called referendum clearly shows the foolishness of compromise when that compromise is based on political correctness and not on fairness.

Less than 20% of Georgia’s active registered Voters voted in yesterday’s so-called referendum. 14% of the registered votes were for the Perdue flag while 5 % voted for the Barnes flag in the second lowest Presidential Primary turnout in 20 years. The turnout was well below the Secretary of State's projections of 26% active registered voters or 1,025,938.

To put it in hard numbers, approximately 585,000 individuals of a total State population of 8,560,000 have approved a State Flag for Georgia.

What a stunning repudiation of the politicians and chamber of commerce pundits. We all know that if the popular flag of the people, the 1956 State Flag, had been included in a fair vote on our State Flag, there would have been enormous public interest.

When 80% of Georgia’s active registered voters - express their displeasure over the politicians’ rigged referendum by refusing to participate, it is clear the Flag fight will not be over until the people get a fair vote which includes the 1956 State Flag as a choice.

At this time I will introduce representatives from some of the groups working with us to obtain a fair vote on the Flag.

Jack Bridwell, Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander:

Again the true sons and daughters of this state have been pushed aside by the governor, representatives and state senators in an attempt to appease the politically correct and various factions in and around Atlanta who will stop at nothing to destroy everything that represents our Southern Heritage, which is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Just yesterday we were forced to vote on a fake ballot without the 1956 flag, Sonny Perdue has ignored some of the very people who worked hard to secure him the election, those in the heritage community, educators, and grass roots voters around the state who placed signs, talked to friends and relatives and gave money support to his campaign. With Perdue's election results that surprised many, practically a repeat of the story of David and Goliath. When these people attack our heritage it's no longer a political issue but one of genocide of our heritage and for once let's call it what it is, it's not political correctness, but racism, bigotry and out right hatred, or ignorance of the truth of Georgia's history.

We realize that many things are going on in both the state houses as the legislative session draws to a close; the issue of redistricting , the issue of our state's budget, the issue of ethics among state officials, and the ongoing rewriting of the history of our great state as it will be taught to our children and grandchildren. The people who were elected to serve the voters of Georgia within the walls of this once hallowed state house have ignored the call of the grassroots voters for a simple request to vote on our state ensign. Our elected representatives have demonstrated their complete lack of respect for the voices of the grassroots people of this state as they assume that you and I do not have the mental capacity to decide on the flag that WE feel should fly over OUR own state! The very state that operates on OUR taxes. Yes, the taxes out of our own pockets.

I ask you:

When did Georgia experience it's greatest period of growth?

It was under the 1956 flag.

When did Georgia experience it's greatest period of Tourism growth?

Under the 1956 flag.

When did the most OUTSIDE companies move to Georgia?

Under the 1956 flag.

And when will our politicians realize that this? The 1956 flag flew over our great state for forty-five years without harming our growth nor did it impede our progress.

It's quite ironic that we've reached a time that the sacrifices of 120,000 Georgia soldiers are so maligned and lies perpetuated about them for selfish gain.

We know that to some 140 years seems a long time past but it is this year 140 years ago that 110,000 enemy troops reached our state. Most of Georgia's regular army was away therefore state reserves, militia, men from prisons, every able bodied person did what they could to defend our state. Old men, young boys - regardless of color - did the best they could to defend our state. Now we've reached a time of political correctness that we should forget them and the sacrifices they made???

This very city was turned into ashes - 90% of the town destroyed, the railroads destroyed, houses plundered with all valuables stolen, area cemeteries desecrated, graves robbed. Why on one day 5,000 shells was fired upon this very town. Constant shelling (day and night) was endured by the few citizens who dared to remain. Do we forget them and the sacrifices they made?

It was recorded that 60,000 enemy troops gleefully witnessed the destruction of Atlanta while their military bands played operatic tunes. Then they turned their attention to the infamous March to the Sea, we remember that devastation to our state, or should we forget that too? This was total war on our state's civilian population.

Folks, the immeasurable sacrifices given by our soldiers (and citizens) deserves FAR BETTER RESPECT than they've been given. All because so many have fallen victim to PROPAGANDA. They're not willing to study the TRUTH or listen to the truth.

We've reached a point in time when the TRUTH no longer counts, the honor of the soldier no longer counts and the defense they gave this state no longer counts. 120,000 Georgia soldiers, they gave their best and many gave the supreme sacrifice. Where's the justice in forgetting them, all for the sake of being politically correct?

The story of our homegrown heroes of the Alamo is being re-written because we've become such an international country. Just wait, the history revisionists will re-write WWII and our heroes of that era could possibly become villains once they're no longer around to defend their sacrifices. You say that can't happen? I'm sure the citizens of the 19th century wouldn't believe this could happen to their Confederate heroes either. Folks, a soldier is a soldier and they deserve respect.

Just because we have money machine outsiders running Atlanta doesn't mean we need to forget our heritage. Just because we have the politically correct machine calling the shots about what's acceptable or not doesn't change our history.

Just because we've been taught in our public schools and liberal colleges a different slant on the causes of this war that brought tragedy to our homeland doesn't mean we've ALL fallen victim to this propaganda. The history of this war does not have to be a polarizing issue - if only others would study the facts.

Too many in our state and far reaching states gave the full measure, in that time of our history, on behalf of states rights, freedom from an oppressive government, to simply be forgotten. We're here to confirm that. We have a right to be proud of our ancestors and we refuse to walk away, put their symbols in a closet and allow this cultural genocide because some refuse to do their homework and better educate themselves on this particular topic. The TRUTH is available (or does our detractors prefer to teach hate?) Georgia's heroes, including our Confederates, deserves better and we're here to speak for them - they're NOT to be forgotten.

Steve Harris, Vice Chairman of the Southern Party of Georgia

Hello, I'm Steve Harris. It is an honor to speak for the Southern Party of Georgia today, but I'm greatly saddened by what I see taking place here.

Political correctness is rampant today in Georgia. At least it appears that way, judging by the cowardly and dishonest conduct of some of our so-called government representatives and their misguided followers.

Are we really going to stand by quietly and turn our backs on our people and the Principles upon which our Country was founded? Dont bet on it!

There is no better example of this problem than yesterday’s rigged referendum. The only choices were the two flags created secretly in back room deals. Two flags created by politicians who have lined up at the feeding trough provided by special interests. Two flags created by the best government money can buy.

Are you proud of them? Is this what we elected them to do? I don't think so!

The rigged referendum yesterday was an insult to the dignity of every good citizen of Georgia, regardless of which side they were on. It was rigged by corrupt politicians. Let me remind you that when you participate in a rigged game, there is no true victory, nor is there a true defeat.

Now we set our sights on the next two referendums, July 20 and November 2. We can only hope that they are not rigged also.

But let it be known, come hail or high water, these corrupt politicians will be retired from public service.

Thank you.

Jim Dean, Legislative Liaison for the Georgia Heritage Coalition

Despite the support we had in both houses for the Fair Vote Flag Bill, we were unable to get it introduced due to opposition from leadership on both sides. Washington pressures, and the Atlanta Chamber's $2 million money pot made a mockery of grass roots Georgians.

So the theater of the absurd will continue. Republicans who road heritage into power can explain to the voters why they dumped us once they were in. And the Democrats can explain to heritage voters why they must be permanent slaves on the Black Caucus and the Atlanta liberals plantation.

The Atlanta Chamber picked Tyrone Brooks as their flag carrier. Tyrone's attempts to derail the Nuwaubian mass pedophilia prosecution did not present an image problem for them. Mr. Brooks was quoted regarding the Nuwaubians, 'they're good people...they're just like us'. You're wrong Tryone...they may be like you, but they are not like us! But when you look at his record Tyrone is supremely qualified to represent the heritage molesters.

The good news is that the heritage movement is learning fast, getting better financed and better organized. Our opponents, on both sides, are going to find that out. Oh, they will crow that the issue is over...and they will be somewhat right. It will be over...for a number of them on election day. The Georgia political graveyard will continue to grow. Roy Barnes, Tom Murphy, Charles Walker and crowd will have some company.

We tried to warn them that proceeding with the rigged flag vote would have grave political consequences. So let the education begin.

Kenneth Waters, who was acting as spokesman for the Georgia Flaggers

I have but a brief statement,

I’m here today representing and speaking on behalf of the organization known in the news media, and across the state of Georgia, as the "flaggers."

Since yesterday’s phony and insulting referendum excluded the flag of choice of the majority of the citizens of Georgia, We simply reject the results, as being meaningless, and a waste of taxpayer’s time and money.

It has resolved nothing!

Most citizens agree that Governor Sonny Perdue never campaigned in 2002 on creating an all new flag design, then forcing it upon the people of Georgia, through a phony and rigged referendum. Most Georgians agree that Governor Sonny Perdue LIED about the flag vote during the 2002 campaign, simply to get elected.

That is unacceptable, and it will not be accepted.

We now plan to implement a "scorched earth policy" across the political landscape of the great state of Georgia. There will be,.... NO political peace in the foreseeable future.

This issue will not be over, until WE, and the people of Georgia say it is over.

Make no mistake about it, We are better organized, better funded, and more motivated than ever before.

We intend to see to it that Governor Sonny Perdue and as many of his cronies as possible, do not have the privilege of serving the people of Georgia with another term.

Either we get a Fair vote, or they’re OUT. And make no mistake about it, Ultimately we will prevail.

In closing, I will simply say this,

To ALL of those elected officials that have worked to deny the people of Georgia a fair vote on the 1956 Memorial flag,..... We, "the flaggers"................are coming for YOU!

Gary Spottedwolf of the United Native Americans

I have come here to give you a warning: We of Real Native American Blood---not the Wannabes----are under attack by the same people that are attacking your History. If you do not believe me look at the Stereotyping of The Native Americans at the 2004 Grammy Awards by the group called OUTKAST from Atlanta and the other one called United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors who want to run a scam on all of us.

The same people have forgotten that the Native American fought for the Southern Units like The Confederate Thomas Legion of North Carolina, the Choctaw Brigade, the Trans-Mississippi Department and Cherokee Nation Unit. The Cherokee Braves led by the only Native American General in the Civil War, Brig. General STAND WATIE of the Confederate States of America.

We of the United Native America are here to support you in your fight against the Dehumanization and the disrespect that you are getting for your belief in your God-given right to have your fair flag vote. We find that we have the same fight and in some cases fought under the Confederate battleflag and there was not ONE MASSACRE done to any Native American People under a Confederate flag.

The stars & stripes was carried by the U.S. BUFFALO SOLDIERS whom received their freedom and then put The Native Americans into Slavery. We now give you our support; your issues are now our issues.

Mr. Spottedwolf closed his remarks with an ancient battle cry in his native tongue, which translates to "Today is a good day to die."

Ray McBerry, Chairman of the Georgia League of the South

The united position of The Georgia League of the South, its Executive Committee, and myself, State Chairman, is as follows:

Whereas Georgia's state flag has now been changed twice within recent years through backroom deals without regard to the desires of the People of this great State, the Georgia League of the South, with the full support of our national organization, as well as our sister Southern states of Dixie, consider the results of the non-binding March referendum to be a moral, political and cultural fraud both in intent and in practice, and, therefore, null and void in expressing the desires of the People of the great state of Georgia in our choice of banners,

Whereas the current governor was elected on the promise of securing for the People of Georgia the opportunity to vote for the 1956 flag in a statewide referendum but has so far refused to exercise the political tools available to him to secure that opportunity, notwithstanding an immediate change of actions and results, we will seek the end of his political career in Georgia,

Whereas it has been made all-too-obvious that large segments of the Georgia General Assembly have more regard for the Yankee dollars of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and their New World Order Agenda than they do for the wishes of their constituents, the good Christian Southern people of Georgia, we encourage all Southerners to cease doing business within the city-state of Atlanta whenever possible, and to work for the defeat of members of the General Assembly who have proven treacherous to their own heritage and culture,

Whereas it is been revealed through intelligence reports that President George W. Bush of Maine left an unambiguous impression on Gov. Perdue that he did NOT wish to have a Confederate flag as an issue during his reelection campaign in the South, and that because president Bush has sought to influence Georgia affairs by superimposing his family's Yankee view of our flag and their New World Order agenda upon our own governor, we encourage Southerners in EVERY Southern state to meet President Bush with a welcoming committee of signs, banners, and Confederate flags in every public appearance during his coming Southwide campaign for reelection.

Further, let it be known that we demand either a return of the 1956 Georgia flag by the General Assembly or the right to vote for the 1956 flag in an upcoming referendum, as well as guarantees of the preservation and restoration of other liberties and Southern heritage issues. These issues are nothing more than symbolic of the actual attack currently underway by Washington and Atlanta to destroy every vestige of the unique Christian conservative culture of Georgia and of Dixie.

Anything less than an agreement to these concerns by the governor and General Assembly will guarantee that today is the beginning of a long, arduous cultural war here in Georgia in which the People of Georgia will succeed, no matter the cost nor duration of the struggle, to rid ourselves and our children of "politically-correct" bondage forced upon us by those who share neither our heritage nor our valuable way of life. May God pity the pawns of the New World Order here in Georgia in this culminating cultural war!

Closing statements by SHPAC spokesman, William Lathan

Will yesterday’s results put this issue to rest? In the American system you put an issue to rest by the vote of the people in a fair referendum. Deny the majority - as you have - a chance for a fair vote, and the Flag issue will never be put to rest.

We are not afraid – as some are – of a vote. We know we will not obtain the backing of many in the news media. We will not have the dollars of the Chamber of Commerce or the downtown Atlanta business moguls.

We will only have the backing of average Georgians from Lookout Mountain to St. Marys River. But that’s good enough. Because we will win.

As I said earlier, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. The Flag issue will not be over until the people of Georgia say it’s over in a fair, uncensored vote that includes the 1956 State Flag as an option. Thank you for coming.

More coming including audio.


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